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2.1.2016 New YearTrophy Pollensa RCNPP
10.1.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa RCNPP
16.1.2016 St. Antoni Race Pollensa RCNPP cancelled
14.2.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa RCNPP
27.2.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa RCNPP
Sunday! 13.3.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa3825 3817 3211 RCNPP
19.3.2016 practice races 13:00h Pollensa private
24-26.3.2016 Princesa Sofia Too few enries of Flying Fifteen Palma RCNP
26.3.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa RCNPP
9.4.2016 Extra Race Pollensa RCNPP
23.4.2016 Liga de Primavera Pollensa RCNPP
4.5.-8.5.2016 Palma Vela Palma RCNP resultswinners
15.5.2016 Liga de Primavera Pollensa RCNPP
29.5.2016 Liga de Primavera (3) Pollensa RCNPP
12.6.2016 Trofeo Formentor Pollensa RCNPP
Hugh Wilson Trophy Pollensa RCNPP
9.7.2016 13:00h pratice Pollensa RCNPP
15.,16., 17.7.2016 Campeonato de Mallorca Pollensa RCNPP
23. / 24.7.2016 Scandicup Pollensa RCNPP
14.8.2016 Michael Clough Trophy Pollensa RCNPP
20-21.8.2016 Trofeo Cormoran Pollensa RCNPP
28.8.2016 Trofeo Australia Pollensa RCNPP
9.-11.9.2016 14:00h Campeonato de Baleares Pollensa RCNPP

1.+2.10.2016 Regatta Interclubs Pollensa RCNPP
8.10.2016 cancelled for FF! Campeonato de Cruzeros de Baleares Pollensa RCNPP
15.10.2016 cancelled !! Practice Races Pollensa RCNPP
29.10.2016 Open Day 29.10.2016 —- Teamrace (30.10) is cancelled ! Pollensa RCNPP
12.11.2016 Self organised regatta Pollensa RCNPP
19.11.2016 start 13:30 Liga de Invierno Pollensa RCNPP
11.12.2016 Liga de Tardor 3 Pollensa RCNPP
Sunday 18.12.2016 cancelled! Too much wind predicted! Advent Regatta Pollensa RCNPP
Sunday 1.1.2017 New Years Regatta Pollensa RCNPP

New Years breakfast in Bay of Formentor

Sunday 21.1.2017
St. Antoni Regatta
13:00 start
RCNPP enter
St. Antony (16th and 17th of January) are the days, when in Pollensa fires are lit and the next day everyone is invited to walk into the valley of Ternelles and have wine and bread there at about 12:00.
After 19th in Palma, when St. Sebastian will be celebrated with many music bands, that have been elected by the Mallorcan people, it is time to move back to the bay of Pollensa and sail the second regatta this year. This regatta will be organised ourselves, because RCNPP runs a cruiser regatta that weekend to Colonya St. Pere.
The weather forecast is no yet clear enough, to decide, if we sail a coastal or tryangle regatta this time, but it is maybe time to get back to olympic mode and practice for the coming events like Palma Vela.
Saturday 4.2.2017
Liga de Invierno 1
The winter series of RCNPP
Sunday 19.2.2017
Liga de Invierno 2
Sunday 12.3.2017
Liga de Invierno 3
29.3.2017 (possibly not for FF)
Princesa Sofia Palma (Arenal)
Sunday 2.4.2017
Liguilla de Primavera
Saturday 22.4.2017
Practice Races
4.5. – 7.5.2017
Palma Vela

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