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2.1.2016 New YearTrophy Pollensa RCNPP
10.1.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa RCNPP
16.1.2016 St. Antoni Race Pollensa RCNPP cancelled
14.2.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa RCNPP
27.2.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa RCNPP
Sunday! 13.3.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa3825 3817 3211 RCNPP
19.3.2016 practice races 13:00h Pollensa private
24-26.3.2016 Princesa Sofia Too few enries of Flying Fifteen Palma RCNP
26.3.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa RCNPP
9.4.2016 Extra Race Pollensa RCNPP
23.4.2016 Liga de Primavera Pollensa RCNPP

Palma Vela

Palma RCNP results
Congratulation to David and Hannah Barber, who won the Palma Vela – Flying Fifteen trophy this year
15.5.2016 Liga de Primavera Pollensa RCNPP
29.5.2016 (changed?? to Sunday??) Liga de Primavera (3)

Pollensa RCNPP
The last regatta of Liga de Primavera of RCNPP had been moved from Saturday to Sunday with very short notice, what decreased the number of participating boats to 3. Triffid with Steve Parry and Teresa could stay in the lead of FFs from start to finsh and and had no problems with the strong winds and gusts of well beyond 25 knots. Dragonfly tried to clean the kite below the boat and showed extended acrobatics including backward sailing, to free the sheets from the keel. Dragonfly still became second because Swampfire successfully tried to explore the submarine abilities of flying (diving) Fifteens. In a strong gust the crew stayed well in front of the cockpit what the boat understood as order to dig the bow int the bow into the sea. The following unexpected stop did not only convert the cockpit into and whirlpool but also made the crew fly without Fifteen and into the water. Following their own description of the event, they had not really understood, what had happened in these seconds and after making their boats sailable again, they did the same again. This time they asked for help to get the full boat back to the harbour. The passing yachts did not want to loose their position in the regatta, but a small motorboat brought them back.

Trofeo Formentor
Pollensa RCNPP enter
26.6.2016 Hugh Wilson Trophy Pollensa RCNPP
15.,16., 17.7.2016 Campeonato de Mallorca Pollensa RCNPP
24.7.2016 Scandicup Pollensa RCNPP
13.8.2016 Michael Clough Trophy Pollensa RCNPP
20,21.8.2016 Trofeo Cormoran Pollensa RCNPP
4.9.2016 Trofeo Australia Pollensa RCNPP
9.-11.9.2016 Campeonato de Baleares Pollensa RCNPP
1.10.2016 Regatta Interclubs Pollensa RCNPP
8.10.2016 Campeonato de Cruzeros de Baleares Pollensa RCNPP
13.11.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa RCNPP
26.11.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa RCNPP
18.12.2016 Liga de Invierno Pollensa RCNPP

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