This is the help page for the communications features.

They are made to get more boats on the water and join owners and crews.

1. Shows a list with all active boats and which regatta they want to sail.
2. Gives the boat owner an opportunity, to show, which regattas he is interested in.
3. Gives sailors, who want to crew, the opportunity to enter, in which regatta they are available.
4. Shows a list of all regattas and available crews
5. Lets you contact an available crew.

to 1
This is a list of all regattas, which shows, which and how many boats can be expected in each regatta.
This does not replace a proper enter form. It shows only, who is interested to sail.

to 2
Here, the boat owner can tick the regattas, he wants to sail. After he did so, his decision appears on the list mentioned under 1.
The access to our database can only be given to authorized persons. To avaoid a complicated password handling, the boats owner clicks the corresponding link and types his boat number. Our database knows, which email belongs to which boat and sends an email to the owner, which contains a direct link to a website, where the corresponding regattas can be ticked. For security reasons, this link is only valid the same day. If you want to change you settings, just order a new link.

to 3
Exactly the same way like under 2, exists for sailors, who are available to crew. They click the “if you want to crew” link on our website but enter their email here, before they click the send button. If this email ist registered with our database, they also receive a link to a website, which allows to choose, for which regattas they will be available.

to 4
Available active crew will be shown in the list you see by clicking link 4.
Here you can also see, if our database knows you. If not, send an email to ff@mallorcaservice,de with you email, a name and the request to put you on the list.

to 5
Only below the next or maybe next 2 regattas, you will also see the boats, that intend to participate and crew available.
Skippers, who want to contact one of the offered crews, just click the crews name. You will be prompted to insert your contact data, like email or telephone and you can add a friendly text like “Cheers your John”. This email will be sent to the crew and if you are lucky, the crew answersw.