past events

  • Pollensa 06.09.2014 – 07.09.2014 Australia Trophy FF
    Trofeo Australia has been the last test before our European Championship. Only 6 boats were on the water, because many others prefered to fix all the tiny problems on their boats, that hopefully bring the last tenth of a knot in the great event. A welcome surprise were Juan G. Manresa and Luis Valentin Fernandéz, who hand put some work into Pedros older boat 3279. The 2 young men easily won the contest with 4 first and a second. Second over all became John Leaf and Pepper Constable. The last place on the podium was reserved for Ken Dumpleton and Alan Green.
  • Conde Barcelona Classic / FF Alcudia 20.08.2014 – 24.8.2014
    The regatta “Conde de Barcelona” again was a great event, though not too many big classic yachts participated. This gave the Flying Fifteen group with 9 boats, that had entered and 7 that finally sailed a higher weight.

    The weather again was brilliant and we had no problems to sail the long courses together with beautiful yachts like Halloween in moderate and sometimes stronger winds.
    We started generally in the third start, which means,  30 minutes after the first start and still arrived at the finish line ahead of many yachts.
    The social part also was well organised. A tent with drinks and food was always available, when we came back from sea. Music by a good school band and a meal on the last day, rounded this 30th aniversary of this regatta.
    Again Michael Clough together with Jonny Fullerton could win the FF-Trophy.
    As mentioned above, this year entered less classic boats than in the past year. We heard, that discrepancies between organisers in Palma and the Fundación Hispania. lead to this.
    We as the Flying Fifteen group ask all responsible members of committees and organisations, to smooth all discrepancies as soon as possible to keep this wonderful regatta alive.
  • Pollensa 16. and 17.08.2014 Michael Clough Race FFThe Michael Clough Trophy started with just no wind but rain. We knew, we could hardly be in time for the start. Then occationly small gusts from everywhere appeared and we could start the first race. Already the second race could be started in good winds, but from a completely different direction. So we chose a downwind start. In a Michael Clough Trophy everything is possible. Race 3 to 6 we raced in best conditions and unexpectedly the day became a really good regatta day.
    Sunday we started the race, that should bring us to Alcudia. The tricky course behind the island of Formentor and around cabo Pinar brought many different boats into the lead, but finally Michael Clough and his son won the race.
    The results over all see in our results on th right of this page.
  • Pollensa 9. and 10.08.2014 Trofeo Cormorán
    Regatta with yachts and Flying Fifteens.
    Saturday the long coastal race started in Pollensa and only one mark had to be rounded in the bay of Alcudia, next to the lighthouse of Aucanada. A pitty, that only 1 FF (3600) had eneterd for Saturday.
    Sunday brought, like Saturday good and reliable wind, but this time a costal race  inside the bay of Pollensa had been set up. This day another FF 3610 with David Miles and Philip Parry turned up and so we had a great competition over the about 15 nm long course. The winner – a cruiser- won his own weight in beer.
  • Scandicup
    Thanks to Scott and Andrew, who replaced our old regatta “Trofeo Sponsor” by ScAndiCup (Scott and Andy Cup)!!
    Scott and Andrew invented new rules and a complete new social program. The briefing at 13:00 startet well with coffee and sandwhiches. On the race course we had to leave the marks to starboard and sailed only triangles. But the best of their organization was the wind. Heavily shifting winds between bft 3 and finaly a few gusts of 7 made this race very exiting. Steve titled this regatta as the best sailing since years.
    For the break after the second race the sponsors had given a set of beer to Diego on the committee boat, who threw these over to the passing boats.
    Finally Michael C. and Viviana in Speedy Gonzales put all their sailing experience together and won this regatta with 2 first and a second place.
    Second became the sponsors Scott and Andrew who enjoyed their new job, when they handed over a good bootle of cava to each of the winning crew.
    Scott and Andrew promised to repeat this regatta next year with more and even better ideas including the perfect winds.
    Thank you very much Andrew and Scott!! That was good fun! Also many thanks to Diego and his “ayudante” who again did a great job.
  • Campeonato de Mallorca 4.7.2014
    The Mallorca Championship in the bay of Pollensa is always one of the great events of the year. Three days of regatta in very different wind conditions, but best weather made this event again a graet success.
    David Barber and his daughter Hannah could again win this regatta with very constant best results. Patrick and Vicent Harris took the second, followed by Michael Clough and Alan Green, who unluckily missed the spreader mark on the last day and so fell back to third. It should be mentioned, that a Swedish gentleman and his crew joined the fleet on the last day, using our far oldest boat, that was a present, Michael Clough had given to the club. In this boat, with oldest sails, the Swedish sailors always arrived the first mark together with the first boats of our fleet. We guess, that only the fact, that they had no spi at all and their politeness to keep away from the fleet, kept them away from being in the winner group. Respect!
  • Hugh Wilson Trophy 21.6.2014
    This Saturday we had a really great sailing event for the 5 Flying Fifteens. The extraordinary Hugh Wilson Trophy, which consists of 3 races and a lunch between race 2 and 3 has always been a great regatta, passing the narrow channel between Mallorca and the island of Formentor.
    Easterly winds of 4 bft and a bit funky wave, made the beat to the island a hard battle between FFielgood, sailed by Scott Walker and Andrew Harvey, followed by Dragonfly, sailed by Michael Beecken and Stephen Parry. Scott and Andrew could stay in front through the downwind passage through the channel and won the first race.
    The next start sent us directly to the harbour of Bonaire, sailing between close to the wind and wind on the beam. Again Scott and Andrew took the first and Dragonfly could just just pass Stephen Babbage and Christophe on the finish line and so took the second again, but only by a few centimeters. After lunch we raced back to Port de Pollensa, where this time Dragonfly could pass Ffielgood in the middle of the race and did not loose this position to the finish line.
    Second became Ffielgood, third Ken Dumpleton, who sailed single handed.
    The Trophy for the winner over all went again to Scott and Andrew.
    The complete result can bee seen by clickimg “OUR RESULTS” on the right after Monday. Fotos follow.