This site contains special information about the harbour of Port de Pollensa, related to our belongings.


The entrance is now between the yacht yard Cabanellas and the bar next to the petrol station.
The key has Michael B and everyone is welcome to copy it.


1.6.2013 Fresh water is only available at the water outlet next to the little red lighthouse on the SE corner of our quay. Due to a leak in the system, we have to ask a marinero to activate the water, when we need it.


The small crane has been moved from our old place to the new one and is in function. In case of an electricity fail, the fuse can be found in a little box next to the new entrance to the quay. The key is the normal Gesa key. Michael B got one.

Toilets and Showers:

1.6.2013:  The Toilets and showers next to the bar and the bar are now open.