The Objects And Rules Of Spanish Flying Fifteen Association

1 Objectives
The objectives of the Association are to promote and further the interests of the International Flying Fifteen class of sailing yacht in Spain by:-
* Maintaining the One Design characteristic of the Class.
* Controlling and managing the affairs of the Class.
* Encouraging and co-ordinating local and national competition within the Class.

2. Definitions
“Boat” means a yacht which complies with all requirements for the Class.
“Class” means the Flying Fifteen class of sailing yacht.
“FFI” means Flying Fifteen International, which is the parent body of the Class.
“ISAF” means International Sailing Federation.
“RFEV” means Real Federacion Espanola de Vela.
“Fleet” means a fleet compromising not less than four boats owned by members of the Association in any district or area, and any question as to the existence or otherwise of a Fleet may be determined by the Committee in its discretion.
“Fleet Captain” means the person so elected or appointed by the persons in each separate Fleet.
“Fleet Secretary” means the Secretary of any Fleet.
“Member” means a current Full Member, Life Member or Associate Member of the Association.
“National Championship” means the annual Spanish championship competition for the Class conducted with the authority of the Association.
“President” means the person who is a Full Member and who is duly elected to be President of the Association.
“Secretary” means the person elected to be Secretary/Treasurer of the Association.
“Association” means “Spanish Flying Fifteen Association”.

3. Membership
The membership of the Association shall include the following:
3.1 Full Members
Any person who has a financial interest in any registered Flying Fifteen Class yacht which has a valid measurement certificate.
3.2 Associate Members
Any person interested in the Class or its Association who is neither a Full Member nor a Life Member.
3.3 Life Members
Persons who have provided extraordinary service to the Class or the Association or both. Life Members shall be entitled to all the privileges of full membership of the Association without being called upon to pay any subscription.

4. Application For And Election To Membership
4.1 Applications for Full Membership or Associate Membership shall be made in writing to a Fleet Secretary where the applicant resides. Each Fleet shall admit to the Association such applicants as it thinks fit and advise the Secretary of the name and address of all persons so elected.
Full Members and Associate Members shall be members of a Club affiliated to the RFEV.
4.2 Nomination for Life Membership may be moved and seconded by any two current financial Full Members of the Association and given by notice in writing to the President not less than eight weeks before the next Annual General Meeting at which such application may be considered Provided That such nomination shall contain a full description of such
extraordinary service as the nominee may have rendered to the Association and/or the Class. Any nomination for life membership will be considered by the Committee and if recommended by majority vote of the General Committee such nomination shall be placed on the Agenda for the next succeeding Annual General Meeting. Any nomination for life membership so recommended shall be determined by majority vote of all Full Members and Life Members of the Association.

5. General Meetings
5.1 The Annual General meeting of the Association shall be held at such suitable time in such convenient place during the National Championship of the Class as the Committee may determine (or at any other venue and time as the Committee may decide if two months notice is given). A quorum shall be six Full Members. Every Member shall be entitled to attend a General Meeting and shall receive not less than two weeks notice on the website ( and by e-mail if possible, of the Annual General Meeting, together with an Agenda. Any member who seeks to place a matter on the Agenda shall give notice in writing to the Secretary not less than two weeks before the first day of the month in which the Annual General Meeting is to be held. The Chairman of the meeting shall be entitled to allow any matter other than a proposal to alter this Constitution to be discussed and decided at the meeting notwithstanding that the required notice may not have been given.

5.2 Special meetings may be convened by the Secretary upon a request by the Committee or seven (7) Members upon similar notice, which shall state the business to be considered at the meeting.
5.3 The President, if present, shall act as Chairman of every General Meeting, but in his absence the Full Members present shall elect a Chairman for the meeting.

6. Voting
6.1 At a General Meeting and Special Meeting each Full Member is entitled to one vote provided that if there are more than one such members present who between them share ownership of a boat then limited to one vote per boat.
6.2 Any Full Member may appoint a proxy to vote in his/her stead, or may vote in writing on any item appearing in the Agenda. The appointment of a proxy must be in writing and the appointment must be lodged with the Secretary before the commencement of the meeting.
6.3 At Annual or Special Meetings or on ballots every Resolution shall be decided by a simply majority of Voting Members present at the meeting in person or by proxy or of votes cast on a ballot (as the case may be), except Resolutions concerned with the Class Rules which require a two thirds majority or alteration of these Rules (see paragraph 15).

7. General Committee
7.1 The Committee of the Association shall comprise the following persons:-
The President
The Treasurer
The Secretary
The Measurer
The FFI council member
Fleet Captains of all the Fleets.
This Committee shall meet during the National Championship, or at any other time as and when the President convenes meeting(s) upon his own initiative or upon a request by not less than two Committee Members. A quorum shall be the President, the Secretary and at least one Fleet Captain, present either in person or by proxy or by electronic medium.
7.2 The President will preside at meetings of the Committee at which each Committee Member including the President shall have one vote and, in the case of equality of votes, the President shall have a casting vote.

7.3 All business of the Association which does not require to be dealt with at a General Meeting of Members shall be transacted by the Committee who shall have authority to exercise any of the powers and duties conferred on the Association by this Constitution, to manage the affairs of the Association and, subject to paragraph 11, to control its finances, and do all things which are necessary to carry out its objectives.
8. Election of the Committee
The committee shall be elected or re-elected by ballot at the AGM. All proposals for new membership of the committee shall be made to the secretary in writing, with a proposer and seconder, both full Members of the association, two weeks before the AGM.

9. Representation At Class World Championships
9.1 Skippers and crews of boats to represent the Association at World Championships of the Class shall be selected in accordance with FFI Championship Regulations. Such persons shall be selected by the Committee by reference primarily to finishing places in Selection Trials conducted by the Association for the purpose. The World Championship Selection, the events to be used for the selection and the points system are outlined in Appendix 1 of this constitution. Upon a vote at the AGM this appendix may be modified.
9.2 The Committee shall appoint such Manager and/or other representatives to accompany any team of persons selected to represent the Association as the Committee deems fit after due consultation with the persons so selected.
10. Subscriptions
10.1 Full Members and Associate Members shall pay an annual subscription which may be of different amounts for each status of membership. The amount of the annual subscription and mode of payment thereof shall be fixed from time to time in Annual General Meeting.
10.2 All subscriptions and other money received by the Association shall be paid to the Treasurer who shall deposit the same into a bank account in the name of the Association approved by the Committee.
11. Funds
11.1 All money shall be delivered to the Treasurer who shall pay the same into a bank account in the name of the Association.
11.2 The Treasurer shall invest any money not required for the immediate purposes of the Association as may be approved by the Committee from time to time.

12. National Championship
12.1 In each year the Association shall authorise a yacht club affiliated to RFEV to conduct a National Championship at a place to be determined by the Annual General Meeting or, if approved by resolution of the Annual General Meeting, by the Committee after due consultation with the Fleets.
12.2 The National Championship shall be open to entry by any Member of the Association who is also a Member of a yacht club affiliated to RFEV or any other Member of another National Flying Fifteen Association..
12.3 Every boat entering the National Championship shall hold a current Registration Certificate and Measurement Certificate for the class.
12.4 Every person who competes in a boat in a National Championship shall be a member of the Association.
12.5 The National Championships shall be sailed in accordance with sailing instructions issued for that regatta by a yacht club affiliated to RFEV and approved by the Association.

13. Fleet Organisation
The Association shall be responsible for co-ordinating the dates and venues of Championships and other Open Meetings, prepare an annual Open Event Fixtures List; particularly in the case of Championships, of their racing, social and allied arrangements, entry fees and other charges, preliminary Notices and Programmes, and collect and tabulate the results of all Open Events
13.1 The General Committee may from time to time upon request by any Member of the Association resolve:
The dissolution of a Fleet.
Recognise the existence of a Fleet which comprises boats from adjacent areas who wish to amalgamate activity and constitute a Fleet.
Every Fleet shall upon recognition by the Association:
Appoint a Fleet Captain to represent it at the Committee of the Association.
Appoint a Fleet Secretary/Treasurer with responsibility to collect and pay all subscriptions due to the Association, disperse to all members of the Association all notices and other information or advice as may be provided by the Association.
Responsibility administer activities of the Class in its area.
14. Class Register
A permanent Class Register shall be maintained by the Secretary of the Association or other person appointed at the Annual General Meeting who shall issue ISAF numbers to boats. A copy of the Class Register shall be made available to the RFEV and, upon request,
to such members of the association as may require it. Boats shall comply with the Class Rules and measurement requirements fixed by FFI as authorised by ISAF, or such other authority as may from time to time be responsible for international control of the Class.

15. Alterations To Rules
These Rules may be altered or added to by a resolution passed at an Annual General Meeting of the Association and carried by two-thirds majority of members present at such meeting in person or by proxy Provided That notice of any resolution relating thereto has been included on the Agenda in the Notice convening the meeting together with:
Particulars of existing wording which is proposed should be altered;
Notice of Motion proposing alteration.
Reason for the proposed change.
16. Winding Up
In the case of a winding up of the Association, the excess of assets over liabilities shall be given to RFEV for the betterment of yachting in Spain.