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Associación Española de FF AGM 2014 · 11 · 22 1700h
Club Nautic Cala Gamba, Sala de Barbacoa_____Minutes By VH
Presiding John Leaf
Present: JL MC MB JW EL VH SP SB HB PH appologies from PP
Review of the year.
Plan for the coming year.
Other matters.
The president stated that the Europeans had been a great sucess but that sadly things
had gone down hill afterwards:
Many races suffering from lack of attendance.
RCNPP now has a president in favor of sailing and is offering many opportunities-
Agreed that there is a need to chase up boat owners.
Q. How many boats are sailing?
In Pollença boats just sit there- are not used and do not pay.
This is not the case in ‘Palma’
Diego will now try to get non paying boats out.
A list has been created- apparently RCNPP are now interested in tidying up
JW suggests RCNPP use legal advise—-This is a matter for the yacht club.
The encouragement of other snipe sailors and amigos / Spanish lads…..
the meeting continues in Spanish
…..This is to be activly encouraged – promoción with Juan Marc, Emiliano and
Hanna. JW suggests an open day announcement Saturdays or Sundays___
_________generaly considered a good idea:
“ Invitation / initiation Regatta” re –instate it, arrange with Juan Marc
Una fecha CG una fecha PP
Discussion about regatta dates for 2015:
Next years campeonato will be 3 days
Emiliano puts us all straight about dates- federation will offer dates,
This is repeated in English.
Hannah/ Juan Marc/ Emiliano Webpage
Fleet Captain Bay of Palma: Emiliano Llinas
Fleet Captain Pollença Bay: Michael Beecken
FFI representative for Spain: Patrick Harris
Presidente del Asociación Española FF: John Walker
Treasurer : Stephen Parry
Class Secretary: Vincent Harris
Other matters:
Treasury shows accounts – current balance (21/11/14 €389.34)
Guidance as how to spend the money- to further 15s in Spain
Associaction class fee 2015 to be 25€ per boat:
Also noted is a donation from Andrew Harvey.
Re Worlds2015- SP offered to do the sums to find out how much the FFI subs would
need to be to cover the regulations for the attendance of the 2015 Worlds.
Find out how many would like to go-
Social Ents and Events: – Scott Walker –-
MClough Trophy moved to 1st w/e in Aug to avoid date clash re French Worlds
MC proposes that both Balearic and Mallorca Champeonships be hosted by RCNPP:
After some opinionated discussion a vote was taken and it was agreed that each host
Club would put on 1 Campeonato a year, the title of each revolving anually.
It was agreed that there should be research made to reduce date clashes with UK, I, F
over big regattas.
Some discussion over editorials in Gazetta Nautica and articles already written in
Spanish that could be published, EL will look into this.
Vincent Harris 23/11/2014 Palma



Annual General Meeting      5.10.2013

about 20 members of the Mallorcan Flying Fifteen fleet met in the rooms of RCNPP to hold the AGM.

The elections came to following results:

President:   John Leaf
FFI Representative : Michael Clough
Fleet Captain Palma: David Barber
Fleet Captain Pollensa: Michael Beecken
contact to all over

topic Club Flying Fifteen:
We stated, that the club FF is not to good condition and some work has to be done.
John Walker and Michael Clough are going to to write a list with missing spare parts and works that have to be done. The idea is, that the spare parts could be found in cellars  of members who would give these as a present to the club. The works should be done by users of the boat and members who are willing to spend some time. The thought was discussed to charge a little amount from users, to cover expenses.

topic Regatta Schedule 2014:
A draft of regatta dates has been presented, that based mainly on the data of 2013. This draft shall be given to the executing club, that may modify to their belongings.
We decided, that the first regatta in Pollensa after Palma Vela should be moved further forward, compared to 2013, to get more boats to Pollensa for the first event.

The regattas in late summer should be moved to fit into the schedule of the Europeans in September. The next Balearic Championship shall be in the Bay of Palma.

Instead of the event Conde Barcelona, we want to be prepared to run other race, in case this event will not happen. This is especially important, because we want to offer a good race schedule to the early arriving participants of the Europeans. Some members doubted, that a regatta, like Conde Barcelona (long coastal races) could be interesting for sailors, who come to an event like Europeans.

Boats in Pollensa:
It has been discussed, that the old, never being used boats should not longer occupy space in the Flying Fifteen area. The ways to get to results could be to mark the trailers with boat number (already in progress) to find out which owner does not pay his fees. This would give the oportunity to force the owners to remove their boats if they don´t pay.