How to find results in Club de Mars website

follow the link to Club de Mar Ā
Choose “English” Ā  Ā (for this instrucction)
click “Sports”
choose races on the left if not already shown on top
move the little light blue handle right of the text to scroll site down to see the hidden part.
find your regatta and click “Entries and Results” or “Entries and Classification”


Here we can write hints, how to use this website and how to insert content.

Maybe we should divide this in “basic” and “advanced” to separate the beginners features from highest level format features etc.


How to add a photo to the photo page:

After login, navigate to “pages” move the curser over the word Ā “Photos” and click “Edit”
Put the curser, where you want the photo to be inserted and click the tool “Add an image” beside “Upload/Insert”
On the top of the following page, you have the choice to insert a picture from your “computer”,m from another website Ā or from “Media Library”
In the Media Library are all pictures ever uploaded. So if you have uploaded a photo before, which still cannot be seen on our photo page, youĀ“ll find it here. To make it visible in “Photos”, click “show” beside the photo, you want to use. After changing settings (if you want .. at least you should type text in “caption” Ā ) click “Insert into Post”.
Back to the page editor click “update” to save changes,

How to write and format Text:
The formattings tools are easy to understand, but maybe you find no way to switch only one line, because <enter> inserts a paragraph, which is something like 2 lines.

Hold the <shift-key> and press <enter> to switch only one line