Conde Barcelona 2013

The committee asks us to fill the enter form and pay as soon as possible.
Fill and send enter form to:
Bank account:
IBAN: ES69 / 2038 / 9501 / 61 / 6000059018. BIC
de Bankia.              CAHMESMMXXX.

amount:  € 120.-
The original information can be found in Anuncio de Regata
the following boats are going to sail:

1  3577 John W.
2  3817 Michael Clough
3  3592 Patric and Vicent H.
4  2500 José M.
5  3763 Andrew and Scott
6 3420 Sue and Alan
7  3600 Steve and Michael B.

18.6.2013 What we have to bring
The secretary confirms, that there should be no problem to sail the coastal course with the big boats. Also the mooring for our boats should be available. The final decision will be made in their next meeting. They say, they are very happy to have us again in Conde BCN.

12.6.2013 The majority of Flying Fifteen sailors prefers a coastal race rather than an extra triangel for us. We asked the committee to do so

4.6.2013 The organisation committee has now confirmed, that we will have to pay € 120.- inscription per boat, like we did last year.
The committee wants to provide special courses for us, but only if we are about 10 FFs.
Please send an email to to confirm, that you will inscribe for this regatta.

The 2013 edition of      Tropheo Conde Barcelona

has been moved to 21.8 – 25.8.2013


this is the program

21 de Agosto: 10.00 a 19.00 h. Inscripciones.
10.00 a 16.00 h. Inspección Comité. Barcos Época.
20.00 h Recepción de bienvenida.
22 de Agosto: 10.00 h Reunión de patrones.
13.30 h Pruebas.
23 de Agosto: 13.30 h. Pruebas.
24 de Agosto: 13.30 h. Pruebas.
25 de Agosto: 11.00 h. Entrega de Premios
13.00 h. Gran Parada.



Last year……

Tropheo Conde Barcelona  was 15. , 16., 17., 18., 19.8.2012 in Alcudia

Some more pictures here    Results available in section Regatta Results

Emilio Spinosa, the President of the Spanish Federation of Classic Boats, says, that the next Conde de Barcelona will be on 3rd weekend in August. The decision where the regatta will be, is not yet made, but the Flying Fifteen group will be invited again, he says. So please keep this date in mind, to have a bigger fleet next time. 

Tropheo Conde Barcelona  was 15. , 16., 17., 18., 19.8.2012 en Alcudia

Mas fotos aqui

Resultados posibles en Regatta Results

Emilio Spinosa, el Presidente de la Federación española de barcos clasicos, dice, que el proximo Conde de Barcelona sera el tercer find de semana de Agosto. La decisión de donde se ara la regata aun no ha sido decidido,pero dice que volverá a invitar al grupo Flighing Fifteen. Asi que porfavor, dened en cuenta esta fecha para el año que viene asi intentaremos ser mas el año que viene.